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Zimbabwean ambassador to Aussie in hot soup

Zimbabwean ambassador to Aussie in hot soup

Zim Ambassador to Aussie Jacqueline Zwambila at Aussie National Day celebrations

Published: 17 November 2013

ZIMBABWE- Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Australia Ms Jacqueline Zwambila stands to lose property worth over US$2 700 that is set to be attached from her Norton home after she failed to settle a debt.

According to a report by the Zanu PF controlled Sunday Mail newspaper this follows the successful application for a default judgment by a local construction company that accuses Ms Zwambila of failing to settle a US$2 429 debt emanating from renovations done at her house in January this year.

Chaliff Construction recently won a default judgment that saw its director, Crispen Dangirwa, being armed with a warrant of execution to recover the sum of US$2 769 through attaching property from the envoy’s home.

In his submissions in summons lodged with the Norton Magistrates’ Court on 1 August this year, Mr Dangirwa disclosed that his company was contracted to do repair work at 8 Musasa Road by Ms Zwambila.

“In January 2013, you gave me a contract to do renovations on your house at No. 8 Musasa Road, Norton. The renovations included in and out of the main house and cottage, including main house roof. This was a fix-and-supply job costing US$6 600 of which US$4 000 was paid as deposit,” reads the summons.

“I receipted this amount to Nancy of CB Richards, your manager. Later, I was given US$1 000 which was receipted to your project manager. I was given US$1 600 the final payment towards the painting which I receipted to Gibson, your nephew, on March 20 2013.

“Floor tiling for the whole main house, re-fixing (sic) of master bedroom ceiling and clearing the whole yard costing US$2 840 was additional work outside painting and from this we are deducting US$411 which I used from the returned tiling material.

“Therefore the total amount you owe me is US$2 429, which was due on the 1st of March 2013,” reads the summons.