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Another explosive Politiburo meeting penned for Thursday

Another explosive Politiburo meeting penned for Thursday

Published: 10 November 2014

HARARE – The Zanu-pf Politburo will meet on Thursday with another hot debate expected on proposed amendments to the revolutionary party’s constitution.

Clarity will be sought on the proposed alignment of the party’s constitution with the Unity Accord and the national Constitution on how the two vice presidents assume their posts.

Zanu-pf Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa confirmed the meeting, but declined to disclose issues that would be on the agenda. “We are meeting on Thursday and as usual you will be briefed by (Rugare) Gumbo,” he said. “Musandinetse vanhu imi.”

A source said amendments to the party’s constitution would take centre stage.“Remember, last time there were senior officials who wanted a selective amendment of Clause 32 of the party constitution which deals with the number of Central Committee members and election of Second Secretaries and the national chairman,” said the source.

“The Politburo has since resolved to increase the number of Central Committee members, but there is a group advocating for the clause to be amended in entirety, which makes sense.

“One group, which was for the increase of Central Committee members does not want amendment of the section on election of second secretaries and national chairman.” There is also a growing lobby that the party amends a provision in its constitution that allows 10 senior officials to automatically become Politburo members without Presidential appointment.

The 10 positions that automatically get Politburo status are the two Vice-Presidents and Second Secretaries, the National Chair, the deputy secretary of the Women’s League and her five most senior officials, and the deputy secretary of the Youth League.

Another source said the party’s constitution should be amended because not all senior officials were appointees, a situation that has seen them creating their own centres of power and fanning factionalism. “These non-appointed officials are creating their own centres of power, which results in factionalism that manifested itself in vote-buying, violence, intimidation and general disloyalty to the President,” said the source.

Other issues that will be discussed include the rules and guidelines for the election of Central Committee members and other logistical issues relating to the National People’s Congress set for December. The Politburo is also expected to be briefed by various committees for congress preparations. About $8 million is needed to successfully host the congress in Harare from December 2 to 7.

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