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Parirenyatwa hospital apologises for failing to recognise Mai Magaya

Parirenyatwa hospital apologises for failing to recognise Mai Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya (Right) hands Health Minister David Parirenyatwa a bag full of R1.2m at Parirenyatwa hospital last Thursday

Published: 23 August 2015

ZIMBABWE – Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Public Relations manager Jane Dhadzi has apologised for failing to recognize Tendai Magaya who was one of the top table guests walking alongside Prophet Walter Magaya last Thursday.

Jane got hold of Mai Magaya’s hand and asked her to look for an alternative seat and she complied with amazement to hundreds of people who were following proceedings. Mai Magaya was accompanying Prophet Magaya who donated R1.2million towards alleviating water problems at the institution.

Jane was directing the ceremony and she had to apologize for failing to recognize Prophet Magaya’s wife and commended her character.

“Allow me ladies and gentlemen to apologize to Mai Magaya for failing to recognize her, I want to believe my eyes have been held and let me extend this apology to Prophet Magaya and PHD Prayer partners here,” said Jane.

“God taught me something and I was challenged by Mai Magaya with her humility in complying after I asked her to look for alternative seat, I did not know, I am sorry for that ladies and gentlemen,” she added before asking for an opening prayer.

To the look of it Jane was not the only one not familiar with Mai Magaya and one of the visitors at the hospital identified only as Muchemwa pleaded with H-Metro to be accorded a chance for a photograph with Prophet Magaya and his wife.

“This is my first time to see them face to face I only see them on Yadah TV, I do not know if I may be allowed to have some photographs taken with them please,” said Muchemwa.

“I was expecting Prophet Magaya to visit the wards after he got the chance to be at the place where he is wanted most,” she added. Prophet Magaya could not be afforded time to visit Wards by health officials fearing a stampede since no enough security was in place for that.

  • Favour

    That is our mother. Her level of humility is awesome. Lord help us to learn lessons and pick a leaf from her way of life in Jesus' Mighty Name.

  • Favour

    The level of humility in mama magaya is amazing. It is my prayer that PHD congregants take a leaf from her life. Izvi ndizvo zvinokopwawo zvakadai. Mbiri kuna Jesu!!!

  • latika

    yea she is humble. you can never know she is around unless told

  • jckraal

    Thank you mama there is God in heeven