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You will miss Mugabe, Grace tells Zimbabweans

You will miss Mugabe, Grace tells Zimbabweans

Published: 29 August 2015

Harare – Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe, told a gathering at Murombedzi Growth Point in Zvimba that the country would miss the veteran leader when he is gone, according to reports.

Grace’s remarks came amid continued factionalism within the ruling Zanu-PF party, as many positioned themselves to take over from President Robert Mugabe, 91, when he finally leaves office.

“There will come a day when [president] Mugabe will not be there and people will regret and miss his leadership,” the state-owned Herald newspaper quoted Grace as saying.

The first lady said the nonagenarian had made huge sacrifices for the country and wanted the best for the future generations.

“Not many people are able to make the sacrifices he [Mugabe] makes. He puts his all to represent his people. He is someone who wants the best for the present and future generations,” she said.

A few weeks ago, Grace made headlines when she told a crowd at a function in Binga, Matabeleland north province, that God was not convinced by the calibre of would-be successors of her husband, which was why he continued to lead the country.

Chaotic land reforms

Grace suggested that Mugabe continued to labour in office at the age of 91 because God wanted him to.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. His Zanu-PF party has already endorsed him to stand in the 2018 presidential elections, when he will be 94.

According to New, Mugabe’s critics say he has destroyed what was, at independence, one of Africa’s most promising economies.

They cite policy missteps and his violent and chaotic land reform programme as some of the factors that have caused turmoil in the country’s economy.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai, however, said on Thursday that it was time for Zimbabwe to look beyond the “Mugabe must go” hype.

“Mugabe is now ‘yesterday’s’ man and Zimbabweans should start preparing for a post – Mugabe era. Look, the man is 91 and he is clearly not in the best state of both physical and mental health. We now have to develop policies that go beyond the ‘Mugabe must go’ hype,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu told News24.

The southern African country is currently reeling under severe economic hardships which have seen more than 20 000 people losing their jobs in the past month.

Mugabe’s state of the nation address (Sona) early this week reportedly gave no hope for Zimbabweans as he failed to address issues related to job creation.

  • LivedInZimbabwe

    Mugabe over saw Zimbabwe as it kicked out White farmers, destroyed the "Bread basket of Africa," and the WORST INFLATION IN RECORDED HISTORY. EVER, ANYWHERE.

    Even the German Weimar Republic had lower inflation rates.

    In any other country this guy would get voted out of office. But in Zimbabwe he kills all opposition to his rule. He assassinated several political opponents family members etc.

    He's ruled since 1980. In any company or country where somebody has Ruled and FAILED for so long, there would be violent revolution and disdain.

    Only in a country where 1/4 people are informants for Mugabe, and where the average income is a bit over $400 a year….do people let this man continue to rule.

    By keeping his people in the dark, and by keeping them insanely poor, he ensures he will continue.

    The thing is…the successor to Mugabe will most likely be as corrupt if not more corrupt.

    That said, Mugabe also needs to go. Why has this gone on for SO MANY YEARS? He's the worst leader alive today. He was the worst leader since 1985 when he went insanely corrupt and committed genocide against 40,000 Ndebele's.

    This dictator needs to go. Don't vote in his wife.