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Muchoni in the court for stealing jerk

Muchoni in the court for stealing jerk

Zimbabwe-Constitutional-Court from the photo

Published: 8 November 2015

ZIMBABWE – A 23 YEAR-OLD TN bakeries security guard found himself suspended and was hauled to court on allegations of stealing a jerk.

Mapikhenkani Muchoni pleaded not guilty before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove charged with theft

Muchoni will be in court on November 10 for trial.

On September 9, the bakery manager discovered that a jerk was missing as he wanted to use it he asked Muchoni who denied having any idea of where it was.

It is alleged that on September 14 Muchoni then informed the bakery manager of where the jerk was.

The bakery manager then suspected Muchoni of stealing the jerk and when he asked him he denied stealing the jerk and said he only knew where it was.

It is alleged that September 8, Muchoni took a jerk worth US$40 and hid it in a pipe assuming he would never get caught since it was not left in is custody.

Bruce Mukwende appeared for the State.