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AMHVoices: Mugabe is right on homosexuality

AMHVoices: Mugabe is right on homosexuality

Published: 5 December 2015

ZIMBABWE – In response to Time Zim respected gay rights: I concur with the firm stance that President Robert Mugabe has taken against homosexuality. It is unnatural and it has no room in a civilised society. It is the same principle on which the so-called rights are based that has resulted in so much immorality and senselessness. Societies do exist governed by norms and I believe that these norms are the ones that determine right and wrong. It is also based on these systems of norms that are enshrined in society that laws are enacted. 

When society moves from these norms to take a liberalistic approach to everything, we get to the fictitious “do-as-you-will” state that infants learn of in kindergarten. Of course, that position is unsustainable. Imagine today you drive from work and you find your partner in bed with someone else and you can’t do something about it because Parliament has just enacted a law to say it is okay to do so because it’s her “right” to do that. You would be furious because the norms that govern our societies are aimed at achieving the greater good for everyone rather than the satisfaction of unholy and base passions of a few in society.

Even from a natural perspective, you don’t need a rocket scientist to know that homosexuality is not just wrong, but it’s a complete insult to the Creator. I am not a pastor, but I see sense in what the good old man said: “If homosexuality was natural then John and John should have babies.” Even dogs know their partners. Being a homosexual is one’s choice so is being a Christian or not, but as a society, I believe it is against the greater good of society and mockery to our Maker to legalise it. The results are catastrophic. We need to learn of the countries that did so. In France, the United States, etc catastrophes of unprecedented magnitudes are happening. I believe it is the hand of the one who when some did it He destroyed them by fire if you ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In conclusion, I would like to say, you are a lawyer, a respectable officer of the court, learned professional, but there is no higher law than that of God. If God condemns it, then it doesn’t matter how much we mumble about rights because it won’t make it right.

As a parent, how much of these “rights” does your child have? Definitely you wouldn’t allow her to take marijuana at the dinner table, would you?
Let the madness stay in the West.

I am proud of our President on this one.