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Police Officer gets 12 months jail term for demanding US$30 bribe

Police Officer gets 12 months jail term for demanding US$30 bribe

Taking bribes is the order of the day in Zimbabwe's police force

Published: 7 February 2013

ZIMBABWE – A Police officer will be languishing in jail after he was convicted of demanding US$30 bribe from vendors plying their trade in Mbare.

The cop, Principal Takaedza, 34, of Block 5 B 19 Nenyere Flats was brought before Mbare magistrate Masaiwona Shortgame where he denied a charge of extortion.

Takaedza had told the court that he only demanded US$4 from Winidzai Muruvi,34, Samuel Mutanda,33, and George Magwede,41 vendors based at Shawasha Grounds Mbare.

He was however, found guilty after a full trial where State counsel Mirirai Mavemwa managed to prove a case against him.

Magistrate Shortgame slapped him with a 12-month jail term, four months of which were suspended for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence. The remaining eight months Takaedza shall learn the ‘payment’ of demanding a bribe.

Circumstances are that on January 19, at around 12 pm Takaedza who is a member of the police constabulary and stationed at ZRP Matapi Mbare arrived at Shawasha grounds where he arrested the trio for vending.

The State had it that he took the trio’s valuables and ordered them to follow him to the police station.
On their way, Takaedza advised the trio to give him some money if they needed their goods back or they would lose them.

In fear, they complied and handed him US$10 each and were given their property back. It is the State’s case that the trio reported the matter to their Chairman who advised them to make a police report leading to Takaedza’s arrest.