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Eric Knight’s son starring in British Triller

Eric Knight’s son starring in British Triller

Published: 26 March 2014

Zimbabwe radio legend Eric Knight has spoken glowingly about his son Michael who has managed to break into the tough British film industry with a prominent role in the short film Corruption 2.


Proud dad Eric said “My pride, our pride, the pride of the nation. Coming soon on international television and movie houses featuring my boy wonder, Michael Knight, Zimbabwe’s future Will Smith. Congratulations my boy. Keep humble and see where this God will take you,” he said.

According to reports the film is being shot in Manchester and will be available in October. Although the first one was a budget movie it was well stitched. Now with a bit more funding this second offering looks like it will be very exciting. NehandaRadio

Posted by: buffalo

Yes,more of such real life career stories of the zim/brits youth taking over …..instead of Zanu-PF this!! and Grace & mugabe that!! fed up already! aint you?

Posted by: Sarah

Triller? Thriller?

Posted by: willi876

Thank you so much for letting us know more about him. Eric Knight and Family now live in the UK after migrating from Zimbabwe at the height of the political and economic meltdown.Michael first stared in the first franchise of the short action films called, Corruption, and the first instalment received decent views. Now the producers of the movie have decided to throw in sequel Corruption 2 and Michael L Knight is one of the main protagonists. https://www.essayjaguar.com/

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