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Mutambara is fake!

Mutambara is fake!

VP John Nkomo, DPM Arthur Mutambara (CENTRE) and Education Minister David Coltart

Published: 2 September 2012

Editor – South African President Jacob Zuma is not a Southern African Development Community facilitator, at least, according to Arthur Mutambara.

On September 15, 2008, President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Mutambara and former South African president, Thabo Mbeki signed the Global Political Agreement which led to the formation of the inclusive government. The GPA document I have has four signatures, those of President Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mutambara and Mbeki.

It is in public domain therefore that after Mbeki signed the GPA document, he was recalled by his party, the ANC. He immediately ceased to be SADC facilitator as the then acting president, Kgalema Motlanthe, took over. President Jacob Zuma was to come in later when he became the South African President.

It is therefore false and misleading to say MDC president, Professor Welshman Ncube should not be sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister because he is not a signatory to GPA. Article 20.1.6(4) states clearly that there shall be two Deputy Prime Ministers, one from MDC-T and the other from MDC.

If we are to take Jonathan Moyo’s opinion and allow Mutambara to remain in government because of his signature, we might as well call back Mbeki to continue facilitating on the basis of his signature and ask Zuma to step aside because he never signed the GPA document.

Such thinking exposes Mutambara and his ZANU-PF associates for exhibiting double standards, lack of knowledge or both. Moyo’s argument that Mutambara must remain as DPM because his status in GPA has not been challenged at law, exposes him as not being faithful.

The High Court of Zimbabwe ruled that Mutambara must stop masquerading as both MDC president and principal in the inclusive government and that Ncube was the legitimate president and principal, unless ruled otherwise by a competent court of law.

Actually, there is no court of law which has barred MDC president, Ncube, from leading his party both at political level and government level, but some creatures within ZANU-PF.

The GPA is clear that those who signed it were representing their political parties and the facilitator representing his country and government. Our tragedy as a nation is that we vest too much powers on bogus lawyers and political turncoats to interpret the law.

We know that Mutambara pleaded with the MDC national standing committee not to redeploy him to a ministry of Regional Integration but give him up to June 2011 as DPM as he wanted to implement some programmes he had started.

This shows how desperate the charlatan is for power. Some of us were very embarrassed during their inauguration in 2009 when he grinned foolishly, it was really an embarrassing moment for a leader to behave in that manner.

The only blemish with Ncube is the geographical location of his home area and his mother language.
Zimbabwe now resembles George Orwell’s Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than others.

Edwin Ndlovu,

Posted by: CaptZero

Mutambara and Jonathan Moyo are a greedy pair singing for their bread. They are trying to find employment at any cost….their greedy is comparable to that of a house-fly that follows the corpse to the grave and get burried with it. As long as what they do and say bring bread on their table…they will do. Today Jonathan is bad-gossiping Mugabe to the Americans,…today Jonathan is ploting a coup in Tjolotsho, today Jonathan is contesting as an independent, today Jonathan is a columnist in Fingaz attacking Mugabe's government….Even President Mugabe labeled him 'kane musoro wakaoma sedamba'…look at the changes Jonathan and people are trying to effect…nothing is good about them except protecting their loot. Fair and fine….if the draft is not what Zimbabweans said during the outreach programme…then bring it to the people and let them vote on the contentious issues….why should political professors decide for us….if they are that bright why could not they become professors in Law like Madhuku….I have always known that Jonathan Moyo's head is a watermelon…

Posted by: Musharukwa

Zanu is zanu, it can see that its now old aged and dying, hahahaha!!!!

Posted by: Ndaba Nhuku

Mutambara, Zanu and MDC-T are simply united against WN. Dont just blame my party Zanu in this. I do also blame Zanu painotadza, but inga wani MT akarambawo kuti WN aitwe DPM. Bob consulted MT vakabvumirana kuti Mutambara agare as DPM, so why blame Zanu yoga moita as if MT wants Ncube as DPM iye achisema nepaanotsika/ Tendayi, a lwayer, is the only one akataura kuti Mutambara has no basis of being DPM. But Biti saZvobgo, waited till it was too late nokutya kupikisana naMT. MT should be enhancing his legal, economic and leadership skills nokuverenga sezvakangoitawo vananaMai Mujuru, Obert Mpofu and others asiyane nokutambisa nguva yake chasing after women as if he is a teenager!!

Posted by: traduceri germana ro

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Posted by: mwalimu

mutambara can do anything for power,he does not have anyone’s interest at heart but his own.

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