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Mysterious snake enters kid’s stomach

Mysterious snake enters kid’s stomach

Part of the Kuwadzana crowd where people jostled to see the boy many speculated had changed into a snake.

Published: 13 February 2013

ZIMBABWE – Pandemonium reigned supreme in Harare’s western suburb of Kuwadzana when rumour made rounds that a primary school pupil had picked money which changed into a snake.

Hordes of people at the scene said the kid picked R2 coin which later changed to a US$5 note. Within a few minutes, the money is said to have changed into a snake which entered the boy’s body making him feel stomach pains.

Speculation was rife that the there were movements like those made by a snake in the boy’s stomach.

Within a few minutes there were hundreds of people at the kid’s place of residence wanting to get first hand information causing mayhem.

The boy’s father said he heard that his son had picked a coin which later changed to $5 before changing again to a snake but he could neither deny nor confirm.

“My son is currently having stomach pains but I don’t know if what people are alleging is true,” said the father who preferred anonymity.

It is said that the parents later took the child to some prophets in the neighbourhood with people trailing them.

The parents said the prophets had said it was true that a snake had entered the kid’s tummy and would help cleanse the evil that had befallen them.

Staff at Kuwadzana Primary where the kid learns refused to entertain this publication.

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