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Mystery! Zimbo dies in custody in Kenya

Mystery! Zimbo dies in custody in Kenya

Zimbabwe seeks answers into the death of a Zimbo while in prison custody in Kenya

Published: 26 December 2012

LONDON – The Kenyan government is under fire from human rights activists for its role in the events leading to the death of a Zimbabwean woman Agnes Nemakonde who passed away after Kenyan immigration officials received her from United Kingdom Border Agency officials at Nairobi international airport in February.

Nemakonde spent several months sleeping in toilets, and other places, deported by five different countries, the UK, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and South Africa and returning to Kenya she subsequently died while incarcerated in a Kenyan prison.

On Saturday, diasporans in London launched a campaign against the British and Kenyan government for their alleged role in the events which led to Nemakonde’s death.

Zimbabwean activists coordinated by members of the protest organisation Zim Vigil, and Martin Chinyanga’s ‘Diaspora Feels It’ group descended on the Zimbabwean embassy to lay flowers together with their protest cards following Nemakonde’s death.

“We need answers as to why Agnes Nemakonde was accepted to land in Kenya without proved documents and why you did not deport her back to Britain. As a result Agnes later died in your ruthless handling of foreign citizens,” Chinyanga wrote to the UK government.

A statement from Amnesty International’s  Kenya wing is expected in the upcoming few days after an official said the powerful group would look into the matter.

Posted by: Collin

Why was she deported from ZImbabwe? This is ridicolous – why did Mugabe deport her?

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