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Tsvangirai Must Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Tsvangirai Must Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Published: 9 August 2013

It has become predictable that Zimbabweans go to the polls and MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his party participate, lose and refuse to accept the outcome. It is clear that to Mr Tsvangirai and his backers, an election is only free and fair if his party wins. We saw this in the 2008 harmonised elections where the MDC-T had a one-seat advantage over Zanu-PF in the House of Assembly despite losing the popular vote countrywide.

The MDC-T leader also accepted the results of the first round of the presidential race in which he led President Mugabe, even though the law is quite clear that in failing to breach the 50 percent plus 1 vote threshold, the MDC-T leader could not be deemed winner, he has harped on that result as the final tally for Election 2008.

Mr Tsvangirai has stubbornly refused to recognise the runoff result in which he was soundly trounced by President Mugabe.

Mr Tsvangirai claimed the poll was marred by widespread violence, even though by his own admission, his supporters gave as much as they took.

The bottom line, Mr Tsvangirai’s rejection of the just-ended harmonised election results is consistent with his frivolous character.

He is just wasting everybody’s time.

We hope everyone is now alive to the type of person Mr Tsvangirai is. A man who not only insults our leaders but also wastes everyone’s time by rejecting what he would have been party to.

A few examples would suffice here.

In the run-up to the inclusive Government, Mr Tsvangirai proposed co-sharing Home Affairs; when his request was granted, he changed tack claiming he wanted sole control.

He asked that the talks be referred to the Troika; when the Troika convened in Mbabane, Swaziland, he refused to go, opting to spend the day playing golf with a Western envoy in Harare.

When the Troika failed to break the impasse, he asked for a full Sadc summit.

His wish was granted and when the summit endorsed the Troika decision that Home Affairs be co-shared, Tsvangirai again refused to abide by the decision, claiming he wanted the African Union to intervene.

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Posted by: Guest

Agreed. Tsvangirai's sell-by date has arrived. We need a strong leader who has not been compromised by supping with the Devil. Mugabe needs to be countered with an iron fist.

Posted by: Tondesai

In Principle, I agree that Tsvangirai is now too comprosed to lead any revolution objectively. However I am of the opibion that the article above sucks. For starters the good Journo never got his stastics right. MDC T had won more contested seats in Parliament than ZANU PF. Then ZANU PF played catch up by the Presidential allocated quota of non constituency apointings, secondly how can President Mugabe trounce Tsvangirai in an election he absconded: simply put how can any sane person say in a walkover match that the present Team that was awarded say 3 goals and 3 points trounced the absent Team ?. There was NO such hence the need to bring credibility by a GNU.

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