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Zimbabwe: 6 Arrested for Poisoning 41 Elephants

Zimbabwe: 6 Arrested for Poisoning 41 Elephants

Published: 6 September 2013

Zimbabwean police say they arrested six men accused of killing 41 elephants with cyanide.

State media reported Friday that police official Muyambirwa Muzzah said rangers followed the tracks in the southwestern Hwange National Park that led to several elephant carcasses.

Muzzah said a cache of tusks, worth $120,000 on the illegal ivory market, and other remains were found near water holes that had been laced with cyanide. He said the six were arrested when they returned to collect the ivory and they are suspected of operating from the western city of Bulawayo.

The police official said hundreds of wild animals feeding on the dead elephants could also die from poisoning.

The Bulawayo Chronicle newspaper reported Friday that poachers arrested in May for poisoning wildlife were jailed for two years.

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Posted by: Roger

this is certainly sickening, to kill a herd of animals , they should rot in prison

Posted by: Njabulo

bad why kill the elephants.
The boy in Derby(England)who has been jailed for internet sex crimes is just a victim of racism in England. THIS IS PURE RACISM. Whilst no one condones the abuse of children ,this one is pure racism. For those of you who do not know what the indigenous people of England do to blacks ,this one is but ,one of many examples of using a black as a scapegoat. It is in the DNA of the English to lie ,abuse blacks and set them up. It is something inherent in them to destroy the lives of blacks. To them it is a greatest adventure to see blacks suffering and to see blacks fighting each other .Those of you who do not know about them ask. Do not just consume every nonsense which they say about any black person. It is a great achievement for any white person in England to vilify and denigrate a black person. That white person who does that is accorded a heroes status .And any black person who takes part in setting up the other black gets a bonus by being allowed to appear in their tv programmes. I would liken this to the time of slavery whereby black slaves who reported any attempts to escape by their fellow slaves would be granted what we call in history ‘manumission’. In fact they use other blacks to cover up their racism and human rights abuses. Those brothers of us that are not enlightened about how these great liars operate will not know but they will go on to persecute their own brothers without asking questions. If this unfortunate lad had the chance of telling us his own story, you would be surprised. You might even find that he was forced to admit the crime. You cannot be listened to in the English courts if you are a black person. For as long as the report has /was written by a white person you simply do not have a chance. They like to criminalise blacks and to see these young boys suffering. So what is the best thing to do? Is to shut your mouth and do your care work. But the truth is that, those whites that use white girls to set up blacks, they are equally guilty of child abuse. By using those children to create a crime, they are also criminals. It is unfortunate that nothing can be done because the crime in question has been committed by a white person. That is of setting up a black person. And the black person ends up suffering.(be your brother’s keeper do not be indoctrinated with rubbish).Its a shame to criminalise such a young person. Perhaps they will lie and say that the white person who set him up was acting as is always their usual song .That is if the boy wins his appeal.[no we are not united in a crime of persecuting our own brothers]
Njabulo [my opinion]

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