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Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Should Attend Kangai’s Burial

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Should Attend Kangai’s Burial

Published: 26 August 2013

Of all people Morgan Tswangirayi should not boycott Kumbirai Kangai’s burial on Saturday as he has done with all other ZANU PF burials.

We know that Tswangirayi was hand picked by Kangai to be the ZCTU secretary general in 1989 when Kangai was labour minister. The workers’ choice was then President of ZUJ Zimbabwe Union of Journalist, can’t quite remember his name. Kangai forced the guy to withdraw contesting and make way for Tswangirayi.

If you remember very well ZCTU at that time was the most powerful arm of ZANU and there was no way ZANU was to compromise its strongest arm by allowing an un trusted person to lead it. Kangai as labour minister was tasked with making sure that ZCTU remained loyal to ZANU. In ensuring that he went to his home area Buhera and picked his most trusted and hardest working cadre who was then the commissar Morgan Tswangirayi and appointed him to lead ZCTU.

It is also worth remembering also that in 1993 when Enoch Dumbutshena started the Forum Party of Zimbabwe he had a mind of making it a labour backed party. Tswangirayi frustrated all efforts to get labour to back the party. In 1993 – 94 Enock Dumbutshena’s party approached us in students politics asking for backing which we assured provided they managed to get the backing of the workers which we were told was getting resistance from Tswangirayi. Tswangirayi began agreeing to the backing of an opposition party only when pressure from the workers was irresistible and when he had realised that all the promises that ZANU and Kangai had made to him were not materialising.

It will therefore very scandalous and unethical for Tswangirayi not to attend Kangai’s funeral. He must be at the Heroes Acre on Saturday and mourn loudest cause really he is what he is because of Kangai and ZANU PF. -

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Posted by: george bachinche

The name of the ZUJ President who the workers wanted as Secretary general of ZCTU was Charles Chikerema. Government did not trust him because he was a communist, very much a workers' person. He shunned materialism and did not even drive and he was not a card carrying member of ZANU PF. He was from the liberation movement, first with ZAPU and then with Frolizi. The irony is that he was Mugabe's cousin. Chikerema's mother and Mugabe's father were brother and sister.

Posted by: carlisto

Very good information guys but thus not a passport for compromization

Posted by: ognizd

Tsvangira should find wisdom of entering these restricted arenas and fight both within those secluded arenas as well as fighting alongside, because fighting from outside alone will not yield much

Posted by: Mutongi Gava

Is Tsvangirayi related to Kangai apart from being the trusted commissar back then. He does seem to have changed, and made change his mantra.

Posted by: nyams

i hope this Tapiwa Maguji wasnt paid for this 'story' coz he simply copied someone else facebook update and he failed even to acknowledge the source. This is unethical if not criminal!

Posted by: mhofu

i thought its the other way, mugabe's mother being sister to the chikeremas.

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