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Zimbabwe v Pakistan, 1st Test, Harare, 4th day

Zimbabwe v Pakistan, 1st Test, Harare, 4th day

Published: 6 September 2013

Pakistan 249 and 309 for 7 (Younis 136*, Ajmal 0*) lead Zimbabwe 327 by 231 runsLive scorecard and ball-by-ball details

Pakistan’s lead grew slowly and not by much after lunch on the fourth day, but Zimbabwe endured another mediocre session, leaving them with the prospect of chasing around 250 in the final innings, a daunting task against an attack that includes Saeed Ajmal. Younis Khan was the glue for Pakistan, scoring his 22nd Test hundred, and Adnan Akmal’s half-century prevented Zimbabwe from having an early crack at the tail.

Tendai Chatara had raised Zimbabwe’s hopes when he struck in the day’s opening over. He delivered a testing first ball to Asad Shafiq that nipped back off the pitch and found the gap between bat and pad to clip the bails. Pakistan had added only one to their overnight lead of 90 and another wicket would have exposed the bowlers before the second new-ball was available.

That wicket, however, did not come until the ball was 37 overs old, but Zimbabwe had only themselves to blame for that wait, because they let off Younis Khan on 83. Hamilton Masakadza had used his specialist quicks for only five overs in the morning before bringing himself on in the 76th. Younis, who had batted with more freedom than he did on the third day, slashed at the first ball and edged to first slip, where Tino Mawoyo was not low enough. He did not get hands on the ball as it scurried between his legs, and it was not the last reprieve Younis would have.

There were no more chances in the first session, though. The new ball was given to Chatara and Tinashe Panyangara, and though they were disciplined, the pitch was placid and there were no alarms barring the odd delivery that held its line to beat Akmal’s bat.

Younis had slowed down against the new ball, and he eventually brought up his century by flicking the last delivery of the 85th over to the boundary. He did not play another rash shot but soon began to score more briskly, while Akmal broke stretches of defence with the occasional boundary, including a reverse sweep.

Zimbabwe did not go to pieces but the bite in their bowling was not as sharp and run-scoring was largely risk-free. There was a confident lbw shout against either batsman shortly before lunch but the umpires decided the angle would have taken the balls past leg stump. At the end of the first session, Pakistan were ahead by180 and Zimbabwe had only one wicket to show for their morning’s effort.

After the break, Younis and Akmal showed no intention of taking charge, remaining content to block out a steady but unthreatening Zimbabwe attack. The first ten overs of the second session produced only nine runs and during that time Younis, on 117, slashed at Hamilton Masakadza once again, and once again he was dropped, this time by Malcolm Waller at gully.

Akmal brought up his third Test half-century and went on to make 64, a personal best. He struck the first boundary of the second session, pulling Hamilton Masakadza in the 111th over. Younis, meanwhile, scored only three runs in the first hour but if his slow strike-rate was bothering him, there was no evidence of it. The key player in keeping the scoring down was Panyangara, who had bowled 14 maidens and conceded only 30 runs in 27 overs.

The wicket, when it finally came, was via a run-out. No other mode of dismissal seemed likely and even this error was out of the blue. Both batsmen were guilty of ball-watching after Akmal played to deep point and turned for the second without looking at his partner. The partnership had been worth 118 and it had taken the lead beyond 200.

Prosper Utseya dismissed Abdur Rehman also shortly before tea, and with Pakistan’s lead only 231 – they scored only 51 after lunch – Younis might resort to shielding the tail to stretch the advantage to 250. By the end of the second session, the odd ball had started to keep low, an ominous sign for the team batting last.

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