10 Gushungo employees up for theft

10 Gushungo employees up for theft


ZIMBABWE – Ten workers from Alpha Omega Dairy, a subsidiary of Gushungo Holdings, yesterday appeared in court for stealing various dairy products at the factory valued at $704,50.

James Wellington Mugombi (35) who is employed as a factory Manager, Zondai Kayinga (28), a security guard, Mackenzi Richard Makufa (35), Alec Kudangirana (27), Abraham Chiwurira (36), ,Ignatius Mubani (34), Tafadzwa Chidzedzedze (25), Joramu Mugundani (25), Takudzwa Muchena (21) and Joseph Muzokura (21) who are all warehouse assistants, were charged with theft when they appeared before magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo.

The complainant is Mkululi Nyoni who is the head of security at the factory.

The 10 were granted $50 bail each and will be back in court on January 13.

Allegations are that sometime this month, Nyoni received information that the 10 were conniving to steal stocks from Alpha Omega depot in Mazowe.

The court heard that Mugombi would instruct Mukufa to load extra goods in the delivery trucks from Mazowe depot to Harare Distribution depot after conniving with Mubani who is based in Harare.

It is alleged that Mukufa would also team up with Kudangirana and Chiwurira to load extra goods in the presence of Kayinga, who would then certify that the goods loaded tallied with the accompanying invoices.

The goods would be driven to Harare by Kenneth Mugabe. Upon receiving the extra goods, Mubani and his assistants Chidzedzedze, Magundani,Muchena and Muzokura would sell the extra goods and the money realised would be shared among the entire team.

The court heard that, acting on a tip off on December 19, Nyoni and his assistant Oren Hove went to the Harare depot, and upon arrival they made an on-the-spot check and discovered some variances in stock in the system and the actual stock at hand.

This prompted Nyoni to put an immediate measure that all stock from the Mazowe depot was to be verified upon delivery by him, and this measure was put without the knowledge of the 10.

It is alleged that on December 20, at around midday, the 10 accused persons, using the mentioned modus operandi loaded and dispatched a truck to Harare Distribution depot being driven by Mugabe who is not yet arrested.

Upon arrival, it is alleged that Nyoni supervised the offloading of the truck, and discovered that it was loaded with extra goods, leading to the arrest of the 10.

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