2 killed, eyes poked out in Zimbabwe ritual killing


ZIMBABWE – TWO people have been gruesomely murdered in unclear circumstances, striking fear into the dirt-poor idyllic peri-urban community of Domboshava.

The naked body of Clemence Parirewa Jonasi was discovered dumped near his home near Mverechena Business Centre on Sunday morning, with eyes poked out and the skin of his face peeled off.

According to the deceased’s brother, Jonasi left home to visit the nearby pub. “He said he was going kubhawa. That was the last I talked to him,” he said in between sobs.

He said when he heard in the morning that two bodies had been discovered, he never suspected it would be his brother. The grief-stricken brother said his heart sank when he heard the body dumped three houses away was that of Jonasi.

To his shock, they found the body had eyes gouged out, he said sobbing.

Nearby at the Showground Business centre the mutilated body of Cephas Muchenje, was also discovered, but lucky enough he was still alive. He died in the intensive care unit yesterday afternoon. Paddington Muchakata, a lucky survivor, was writhing in pain in the intensive care unit with his left eye gouged out.

One of the survivors said he was tied to a tree but managed to escape.

The murders have devestated the small Domboshava community, mainly composed of the vapostori sect.

Neighbours gathered in their numbers to comfort the Jonasi family and to express their heartfelt condolences amid sombre singing.

And Jonasi’s brother said when he left he was in high spirits and he never imagined that was the last he was seeing him.

Residence have made an impassioned plea for police protection. Police suspect the murder to be ritual.
Police sources said a pair of pata pata flip-flops were found at the scene and that the bodies have already undergone a preliminary postmortem to help with investigations.

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