300 000 attend Magaya All Night Turnaround Prayer


ZIMBABWE – PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya proved to be a fisher of men in his mission when he attracted about 300 000 people including various artistes at his Waterfalls base on Friday.

The prayer meeting dubbed ‘All Night of Turnaround 3’ pulled a shocker by a surprise guest appearance of the man of the moment dancehall artist Tocky Vibes who was forced to fine tune his social lyrics and knit them in the Biblical verses that left many people with questions than answers.

We spoke with Prophet Magaya who hailed the dancehall artistes’ talent saying all voices, dances and instruments are meant to glorify God and is prepared to call all people from different walks of life to God by whatever means as he seeks to fulfill his mission of taking over what was stolen by the devil.

“I am ready to reach all the people in different communities with different beliefs and I am prepared to use everything necessary to win them to Christ and I am not stopping that is why I included influential young people like Tocky Vibes,” said Prophet Magaya.

“That young man is talented and I want to urge Zimbabweans to uplift such talents other than pulling them down since that would lead those talented people away from the country to find rest in neighbouring countries where they are needed.
“We have lost a number of talented musicians, footballers, doctors, preachers and leaders due to lack of appreciating and supporting them. Tocky is being talked about in all circles be it in kombis, houses and in streets with both young and elders so we cannot ignore him as if he is doing it in another world.

“Jesus came to seek the lost and he loves us all and is prepared to turn anyone to him by his spirit so who am I to select people to experience God’s love?“My mission is being accomplished by turning more people to God and as a year of taking over, PHD is ready to call everyone in the community to come and participate in the house of God and if (Alick) Macheso comes here he will tune his guitar for the Lord and all his followers out there will come here so as footballers and various musicians they must be in the house of the Lord.

“When they come here they meet the word of life and everything that they will do will be inspired by the spirit of God and turn many to God and by that I am prepared to be like a Roman not that I want to be a Roman but to win Romans to Christ as what Biblical Apostle Paul has taught.

“What I believe is that if you go and speak to them they have a testimony to give after they attended the All Night Turnaround prayer day and believe me my brother many people’s lives have been changed especially those who have been given grace to attend and let me reiterate this havana kutonhorerwa mahara,” said Prophet Magaya soon after his opening prayer.

Prophet Magaya prayed for the sick and those who were on wheel chairs and the sick and those living with disabilities gave testimonies immediately after he declared the release of those in pain and cast out demons.

Among those who gave testimonies of being healed was Derick Matiza, 40, of Mutare who got off his crutches and walked as people praised God together with him and an 83-year-old widow of Wedza who jumped and danced saying she had been healed of her nagging back bone and legs after Prophet Magaya cast out evil spirits in his opening prayer.

Prophet Magaya assured the people that the all night they spent near Mukuvisi River will be rewarded saying some have been rewarded already by testimonies given. The All Night Turnaround prayer was a continuation of birthday celebrations of Prophet Walter Magaya.

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