37-year-old man reportedly drank the blood of his teen lover after grisly murdering her in cold blood

37-year-old man reportedly drank the blood of his teen lover after grisly murdering her in cold blood


ZIMBABWEA – Simbarashe Munakwame said he had planned to kill the victim because he felt betrayed by her.

The assailant also attempted to stab an eye-witness when he tried to stop him from stabbing the girl.

“My aim was to make sure both of us die. I wanted to kill her first and then kill myself but for some reason I failed to kill myself,” said Simbarashe.

He said he had planned to marry her but her family was hindering the whole process.

“I then decided to kill her because I felt betrayed because she started avoiding me and I knew she was being influenced to do so by her family,” said Simbarashe.

The murdered girl was a younger sister to Simbarashe’s former wife.

“When I divorced my wife I started having an affair with her. We had been having an affair for the past three years.

“It was not even a secret because her mother knew about it and I am even the one who broke her virginity,” said Simbarashe.

Peter Musekiwa, who was first to appear on the scene when Simbarashe Munakamwe was stabbing his victim, said he was shocked to see him sucking the deceased blood.

Narrating the ordeal to H-Metro, Peter who is uncle to the girl, said he went to the scene when he heard screaming in the nearby bush.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes and as I was getting closer, I first assumed he was kissing her but I later found out that he was actually sucking her blood,” said Peter.

“I had initially thought my dog was chasing someone in the bush so I went there and to my surprise I saw Simbarashe stabbing my niece with a knife.”

Peter added that Simbarashe also attempted to stab him when he tried to stop him.

“I then took a stub from a tree to hit him to stop him from killing the girl.

“When he saw me he left the girl and started walking towards me holding the same knife he had stabbed her with.

“He said he was going to kill me as well so I ran towards the gate and closed it.

“Simbarashe then took the same knife and tried to stab himself but he did not.”

Peter said Simbarashe was finally manhandled by one of the villagers called Munyaradzi.

“The situation was tense, I was inside the yard and he was outside trying to open the gate and one of my relatives called Munyaradzi then came to the scene and manhandled him,” he said.

He added: “When Simbarashe started pursuing me, (the girl) got up and then started running to my house but when she entered my yard she fell to the ground and that is how she died,” said Peter.

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