37-year-old man standing accused of sodomising a teenager

37-year-old man standing accused of sodomising a teenager


ZIMBABWE – A 37-YEAR-OLD Philip Chaipa of No. B100 Pentagon Epworth appeared before Harare Magistrate Sandra Mpindu facing charges of aggravated indecent assault.

Chaipa denied the allegations levelled against him and the matter was remanded to November 20 for trial continuation.

In his defence Chaipa told the court that the victim, 18, is fabricating the story against after he chased him from his work place.

“The complaint is making false allegations because I fired him from my work place after he stole US$50 that I gave him to purchase fuel.

“That is when he started making these allegations against me,

“He demanded a house and a car so that he would not report the matter to the police but I denied,” he said.

The victim however revealed to the court that Chaipa took him to Rueben Shopping Centre and forced him to drink beer.

“Chaipa took me from where I was playing snooker with my friends and he bought me three bottles of beer.

“We then left the bar around midnight and proceeded to his house since I was too drunk to walk home alone.

“Upon our arrival Chaipa took his kids to his bedroom where his wife was sleeping and we slept where the kids were sleeping

“After about 30minutes I woke up and saw Chaipa lying on my back with his manhood in my anus.

“When I asked him what he was doing he said I thought it was wife.

“I immediately left his house and went to my uncles house whom I stay with,” he testified.

“At one point Chaipa came asking for forgiveness and he offered me US$70 so that I would not lodge a complaint with the police,” he added.

The State has it that on October 10 at around 7.30pm, Chaipa approached the victim who was playing snooker at Gomba Tuckshop in Epworth and asked him to accompany him to Rueben Shopping Centre.

It is said that Chaipa bought three beers of Black label for the victim.

At around 11pm Chaipa told the victim that he was drunk and they were supposed to go home.

Upon their arrival Chaipa took his two minor children to the next room were his wife was sleeping, it is said.

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