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Zimbabwe set to sizzle at 45 °C

Zimbabwe set to sizzle at 45 °C

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Published: 10 October 2015

ZIMBABWE – Zimbabweans have joined South Africans in enduring, with temperatures in some areas expected to go beyond 45 °C.

The country’s meteorological services department is warning that low-lying areas like Beitbridge, will be the worst-affected.

Daytime temperatures across Zimbabwe from tomorrow are forecast to be between 35 °C and 43 °C.

They’ll peak at around 45 °C in low-lying areas, like Beitbridge, on the South African border, as well as Kariba in the north and Chiredzi in the south-east.

South Africa is in the middle of its own heatwave, with the Pretoria reporting a highs of 37 °C.

Zimbabwe’s meteorological services department says the high temperatures will last until Friday, with a slight dip on Monday.

The authorities are advising people to drink lots of fluids and stay in the shade.