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A womanizer was alleged by his girlfriends of assaulting them.

A womanizer was alleged by his girlfriends of assaulting them.

Published: 26 December 2015

ZIMBABWE – Albert Mushawekunze was dragged to the Mbare magistrates’ court on assault allegations by the state.

He is reportedly in the habit of assaulting his neighbours, girlfriends, mother in-law and being a threat of violence in the society.

Albert is apparently accused of seven counts of assault.

The police are said to have been looking for him since last year including night raids but has been running away from the police with a commuter omnibus he drives.

He was recently caught by the police after a tip-off from the neighbours.

In court, he responded saying:

“I dispute most of the allegations placed against me.

“I am not a commuter omnibus driver but a motor mechanic.

“The complainants who are being mentioned as my neighbours are my ex-girlfriends and most of them want to withdraw their complains because they still love me.

“The people I have assaulted recently are my three girlfriends and my mother in-law.

“I also did not run away from the police when I was on the wanted list.”

Magistrate Stanford Mambanje, who presided over the matter, deferred the trial to January 6.