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Home Opinion Dzamara rebukes Maziwisa on Tsvangirai pictures: Please respect our mothers, sisters and…

Home Opinion Dzamara rebukes Maziwisa on Tsvangirai pictures: Please respect our mothers, sisters and…

Published: 26 February 2016

By Patson Dzamara

ZIMBABWE – After meticulously digesting a Facebook post I read earlier on by Hon. Psychology Maziwisa I need to register my categorical displeasure.

My displeasure has two tangents.

The first tangent has everything to do with what I perceive as an incessant inclination towards romancing trivia on the part of an ‘Honourable’ Member of Parliament who represents me in parliament.

I do not care much about his delusional stance and the apparent hatred he habours against Mr. Tsvangirai and Mr. Gutu. What does the MDC-T leader’s posing for photos with supporters have to do with anything?

The second and most important tangent has everything to do with women. In his post, Maziwisa made denigrating and disgusting remarks about women and that is not acceptable.

“With shameful and breath-taking arrogance, the MDC-T hapless and incompetent spin doctor denied yesterday that the pictures of his party leader posing with erotic women were genuine…It is now obvious that he is now unable to honour his promise to the people of Zimbabwe that he is capable of being a morally upright and examplary opposition leader,” Psychology Maziwisa.

Psychology, I wonder what makes you think that women are mere objects? I am sure the threshold of your worldview and conscience informed your poor judgement in this case.

What is it that makes you think and say that those women who posed for a photo with the MDC-T leader are whatever you referred to as erotic? I do not see anything erotic there. That’s just a production of your uncircumcised eyes and imagination my brother.

To you, for Mr. Tsvangirai to pose for a photo with women is morally wrong? What do you take our mothers, sisters and daughters for? To you, it seems women are mere objects. That is not proper sir.

Women are not objects. They are our mothers, sisters and daughters. I demand that you respect them and desist from making irresponsible statements inebriated with innuendos, stereotypes and prejudices.