Police dismissed the story of murder case circulating on social media

Police dismissed the story of murder case circulating on social media

ZIMBABWE – Police have dismissed a story circulating on social networks claiming that a Hatcliffe man kidnaped a little boy and killed him before he was arrested at Chirundu Border post.

The report said the man was in transit to Tanzania to sell the boy’s body parts for rituals when the immigration authorities discovered the corpse stashed in a suitcase.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi dismissed the report and warned people circulating false information that they face arrest.

“Police have since discovered that there is no such report and it is an offence to circulate false information by any means that causes alarm and despondency to the community,” said Chief Supt Nyathi.

“Whoever is going to be caught, the law will take its course,” he added.

The message circulating on social networks is accompanied by a picture of an arrested man with a boy’s corpse.

The picture also shows a man in army attire standing behind.

The FALSE message read:

“This man is from Hatcliffe and is an uncle to this little boy. He kidnapped the boy yesterday (29 February) and killed him before putting the body in a suitcase. He was arrested today at Chirundu border post on his way to Tanzania where he had been promised money by a sangoma for the body parts. He is currently at Chirundu police.”