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Brother-In-law seriously assaults man for fondling sister in public

Brother-In-law seriously assaults man for fondling sister in public

Published: 3 January 2013

ZIMBABWE – A CHITUNGWIZA man was seriously assaulted by his brother-in-law after being accused of insulting the in-law’s wife and fondling her buttocks on Christmas Day.

Pius Shandirwa’s sister is married to Ashley Munyoro (33) and stays at number 3754 Unit D in Chitungwiza. On December 25 last year, Shandirwa and his wife decided to spend the day at Munyoro’s house.

Munyoro, who had been drinking beer, welcomed them into his house and the four spent some time together. When the couple was on their way out, the drunken Munyoro shouted at Shandirwa that he married a prostitute and fondled her buttocks.

On December 27, at around 9.25pm, Shandirwa met Munyoro at the Unit D and Unit J junction where he demanded an explanation on Munyoro’s conduct.

When Munyoro tried to defend his actions, Shandirwa punched him in the face and ribs several times. He escaped from further assault and went to report the matter to the police leading to Shandirwa’s arrest.

Appearing before Chitungwiza magistrate Ms Barbra Chimboza, Shandirwa (25) of Unit J admitted to assault charges and was fined US$50.

Failure to pay the fine would attract a 60 day prison sentence. In passing sentence, Ms Chimboza noted that Munyoro’s behaviour was uncalled for. Mr Lovet Muringwa prosecuted.