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Jah Prayzah voted Zimbabwe’s 2012 Musician of The Year

Jah Prayzah voted Zimbabwe’s 2012 Musician of The Year

Mukudzei Mukombe A.K.A Jah Prayzah

Published: 3 January 2013

ZIMBABWE – Jah Prayzah is 2012’s “Musician of the Year” if the recent Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola Top 50 is anything to go by.

The contemporary crooner saw three songs off his album “Ngwarira Kuparara” dominate the show. “Chirangano Cherudo” was voted the most popular song while party anthem “Gochi Gochi” came second.

The song “Maria”, whose video was voted the best in 2011 by ZBC producers, was on fifth position. The ecstatic Jah Prayzah heaped praise on his fans who have readily embraced his music. He promised bigger and better things this year.

“It’s encouraging noting that people are appreciating my music, I promise to work harder this year,” he said Unlike most urban groovers who sing about how good they are, Jah Prayzah’s music appeals to mature audience.

His music is saturated with deep lyrical content and touches on social issues. The musician’s deep understanding of the Shona language has made him a darling of many.

The fact that Jah Prayzah was voted by Radio Zimbabwe listeners, who are primarily a crossover audience, showed that he managed to capture the adults while keeping youths under his belt.

It seems as if the affable crooner has a knack for success. “Sungano” made it into the Top 10 Songs of the Year in 2010 on radio. The following year, it the video for “Maria” was voted number one on local television.

Born Mukudzei Mukombe, Jah Prayzah has managed to churn out hit after hit and has seen his star rising and shining in recent years.

Since his grand entrance in 2007, he released three albums — “Rudo Nerunyararo”, “Sungano” and “Ngwarira Kuparara” — which have done well for him. Besides his three albums recorded at Diamond Studios, the youthful crooner has over 90 singles, which have reached out to his fans, thanks to piracy.

“It’s always good to see that out of a bad thing, there comes a good thing and piracy has really helped many artistes to market their music, me included,” he said sarcastically.

“However, it (piracy) is now killing the survival of record companies because artistes now depend on concerts and shows and not album sales,” he said. Jah Prayzah enjoyed unprecedented success in 2012.