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ZANU-PF, MDCs to campaign for YES VOTE

ZANU-PF, MDCs to campaign for YES VOTE

Published: 29 January 2013

ZIMBABWE – Political parties in the inclusive Government have resolved to campaign for a “YES VOTE” in the forthcoming referendum provisionally set for end of March.

Patrick Chinamasa

Patrick Chinamasa

Speaking after meeting the Sadc facilitation team in Harare yesterday, ZanuPF negotiator Patrick Chinamasa said all parties briefed the facilitation team on progress made so far on the Constitution making process.

“Negotiators met the Sadc facilitation team and it was a joint meeting,” he said. “We updated the (facilitation) team on progress made so far in terms of new supreme law and the respective political parties communicated that they are going to campaign for a Yes Vote.”

The Justice and Legal Affairs Minister, however, said the parties were unable to furnish the facilitation team with dates for the referendum. “We told them that the election roadmap would be clearer after we determine the dates of the referendum,” he said.

“It is only after the referendum that we will be able to put timeframes to the activities leading to our elections.”

He added: “We told them that the major problem we are facing is that of resources. We have got no resources to start the voter registration blitz. We indicated that Treasury was not forthcoming with resources to conduct the referendum let alone elections.”

MDC negotiator Mrs Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga confirmed the meeting. “We had a joint meeting and briefed the Sadc facilitation team on how far we had gone with the constitution making process.

“I can also confirm that the parties told the team that they will be campaigning for a “Yes Vote” when referendum time comes.

“As for the election roadmap, we told them that it will be visible after we hold the referendum but we are yet to come up with the dates when that will be,” she said.

The Sadc facilitation team’s visit yesterday follows the breakthrough in the constitution making process by the principals to the GPA about a fortnight ago.

Parties in the inclusive Government have endorsed the draft Constitution after resolving some of the sticky issues that almost derailed the process.

ZanuPF had raised some concerns with some of the contents in the draft that was produced by Copac. Some of the issues have since been addressed in the final draft and all the parties are in agreement on the amendments.