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Tongai Moyo’s son Peter ‘accused’ of singing discord

Tongai Moyo’s son Peter ‘accused’ of singing discord

Peter Moyo (In red suit), late Tongai Moyo's son, having a go at 'discord' with Minister Webster Shamu and others

Published: 14 February 2013

ZIMBABWE – Ace sungura artiste Alick Macheso has become the second musician to speak on Peter Moyo’s vocal abilities after Pastor Charles Charamba.

Some fans are of the view that there is a great absence of talent in Young Igwe’s vocal efficacy. However, Macheso came out in the youthful musician’s defence. Macheso hailed Young Igwe’s vocal abilities and said he was the true heir to his late father’s music legacy.

Now known as Kochekera after a dance routine of the same name, the veteran musician said: “ Igwe Mamauona here, mfana akaipa uyu musanzwe zvese zvemanyepo zve discord iro, ndovane discord rekutaura kwavasina kumbobva vaswera.

“Haasi young Igwe uyu, ndoatove Igwe wacho watasiyirwa ne denga. Igwe, simudzai tifambe nayo,” said Macheso at the sidelines of his show held at Sports Diner recently.

After Macheso’s appraisals of the Young Igwe, the crowd went crazy and he dropped a new song from his father’s unreleased album. Macheso burst into ‘tears of joy and appreciation’ and asked the crowd to point out the ‘discord’ that Peter’s critics had make mention of.

“Mazvinzwirawo here ndimi maboss boss edu,” he asked rhetorically. Macheso blasted music producers who were discouraging Peter.He argued that if producers claim that Young Igwe has discordant vocals, then why does he attract capacity crowds.

“Peter does not have discord, this is a myth that has been created by people, it is just because Mfana Peter did not come to me in time by now we should be singing along to his album.

Peter Moyo (Right) with Utakataka Express band members

Peter Moyo (Right) with Utakataka Express band members

“Peter took over Utakataka Express after his father’s death and you followed him until today. “I congratulate him for completing the construction of his family home, taking care of VaChihera and all his father’s school going kids.” said Macheso.