A Budriro women was slapped

A Budriro women was slapped


A Budiriro 5B woman has been unexpectedly slapped with community service for laying false charges against her ex-boyfriend.

Patience Ziwa, 32, pleaded guilty when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Gladys Moyo charged with deliberately supplying false information to the public authority.

Ziwa has been ordered to perform 120 hours of community service.

On November 27 Ziwa lodged a complaint with the Budiriro police that doubt Takaendesa had assaulted her laying charges of physical abuse.

Ziwa had reported that she had asked Takaendesa why he had not been taking care of their child

She went on to explain to the police that Takaendesa had poked and slapped her in the face several times after she had asked Takaendesa why he wasn’t concerned about the up keep of his child.

The information failed to extract logic from Ziwa’s statement and went on to interrogate on the issue till he statements contradicted.

After arresting Takaendesa the police asked for Takaendesa’s side in Ziwa’s presence which leading to the truth unveiling that Ziwa had lied about Takaendesa slapping her.

The State led Fanuel Madanire further proved in court that Ziwa had not been assaulted by Takaendesa as she failed to provide a medical report of evidence for the ‘attack’.

When she was arraigned before the court Ziwa confessed that she was only poked by Takaendesa and she reported the matter out of anger which led to her telling lies about what had happened.

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