A burglar caught red handed breaking into a house

A burglar caught red handed breaking into a house


ZIMBABWE – A Highfield serial burglar has been slapped with eight years in prison after he was caught red handed breaking into a house.

Alec Zhemi confessed to the court that stealing was his profession or way of living as he had no other way of earning money.

Zhemi pleaded guilty when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Anita Tshuma charged with nine counts of unlawful entry.

Zhemi was initially sentenced to 12 years in prison, two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour, and two were suspended on condition of restitution.

The court then realised he was not a first time offender and had a suspended eight months sentence which left Zhemi with an eight years eight months.

The State led by Tafara Chirambira proved that on January 24, the police received information which pointed to Zhemi as a burglar.

The police recovered some of the stolen goods.

After Zhemi was caught the police summoned victims who had reported cases of burglary in the past months.

Some victims managed to get their stolen property while some failed to retrieve after Zhemi had already sold.

Ms Tshuma ordered Zhemi to restitute the missing property to the victims before May 29 or two years will be added to the sentence he is to serve.

The State proved that Zhemi would break into houses during the night and steal expensive goods or gadgets and sell them in the streets.

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