A city woman collapsed at court after her ex-boyfriend denied paternity of their child


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ZIMBABWE –Davison Chaoneka is reportedly denying paternity of his child with Getrude Jene; he calls Getrude prostitute.

This came to light at Harare civil court where Getrude was claiming US$100 from Davison for the upkeep of one minor child.

Getrude told the court that Davison was the biological father of the minor child.

“He is the father but never supported the child making excuses about money.

“I need US$100 to take care of his child because my parents are now complaining.”

In response Davison said:

“I am not offering any money because this is not my child.

“She is a prostitute and l am doubting paternity.”

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi, who presided over the matter, ordered Davison to pay US$50 per month for the up keep of the minor child.

She also ordered Davison to do DNA test to prove if he is not the biological father.

Getrude who later caused a scene outside the court, collapsing and acting like she was in fits.

As she gained consciousness Getrude said:

“Davison works at Safari and he earns a lot of money.

“He is the biological father, he never denied paternity before and it shocked me that he told the court that he is not the father of this child.

“I want paternity test to be done with the court witnesses available.

“I disapprove that the DNA test should be carried by his private doctor because he is capable of bribing.”

Getrude added:

“I will say it all now. I never agreed to have sex with you but you forced yourself on me and this child is the results of all the sexual abuse you did.

“He is lying; I am not a prostitute l reside with my parents in Waterfalls.

“Davison are you not ashamed of yourself after all that I have done for you.

“I cannot believe you can pay me back by tarnishing my image.

“He begged me and promised to take care of his child after l opened a docket of sexual abuse.

“He admired me at church kuMasowe and then approached me for a relationship.”

Davison who denied the allegations said:

“She is a prostitute and all l need are a DNA tests to prove if l am the father of this child.

“I never took her as my wife but my girlfriend.”

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