A Greendale woman claims maintenance for herself

A Greendale woman claims maintenance for herself


ZIMBABWE – This came to light at the Harare civil court where Viva Makazha dragged her husband Elisha Makazha, claiming maintenance for herself and the welfare of her late sister in-law’s child.

Pleading for maintenance, she said in court:

“I want US$500 maintenance.

“The US$400 will be for my upkeep and US$100 for the welfare of the child.

“We stay together with Elisha but he spends most of the time out.

“Now there is a woman who claims to be Elisha’s wife with one child yet we are legally married.

“Elisha is a taxi driver who earns US$600, so I suppose he can manage the maintenance.”

In response, Elisha said:

“My maintenance offer is US$200.

“We are married but I do not have a child with her.

“She is claiming maintenance for my late sister’s child.

“I only realize an income of US$400 a month and I have another child.”

Presiding magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, ordered Elisha to pay US$295 maintenance, with effect from January 31.

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