A man arrested for impersonating a police officer

A man arrested for impersonating a police officer


ZIMBABWE – An unemployed man hoodwinked a ZIMRA official into believing that he was a police detail stationed at CID Homicide Section before borrowing his car for use in his daily errands.

Stephen Muzengeza, of 3133 Glen View 1 Harare, was arrested in the city centre after one Detective Inspector Nemaisa came across him and failed to produce his police identification card.

He was then taken to Harare magistrates’ court charged with impersonating a police officer.

Muzengeza denied the charges when he appeared before magistrate Francis Mapfumo who remanded him out of custody on US$150 bail.

The State led by Nancy Chandakaona had it that sometime in October 2015 Muzengeza introduced himself to Charakupa Licious Kawondera as a police officer.

It is alleged that Muzengeza told Kawondera that he was stationed at ZRP Harare Central Police station CID Homicide.

Reports are that Muzengeza and Kawondera used to drive around with the former introducing himself as a police officer at roadblocks.

The court heard that Muzengeza asked for Kawondera give him his Toyota Allex for use in his errands.

Kawondera, out of trust, allegedly gave Muzengeza his car.

Prosecutor Chandakaona had it that on February 2 Kawondera met Detective Insp Nemaisa and introduced Muzengeza as a police officer.

Out of suspicion, Det Ins Nemaisa asked Muzengeza to produce his police ID and he failed.

Muzengeza was then arrested and taken to court facing charged of impersonating a police officer.

He is expected to return to court on February 17 for trial.

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