A prophet blames on the spirit for the allegations


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ZIMBABWE – A self-styled prophet stunned the court after he refused to give his defense during his trial saying the spirit which was on him was responsible for the allegations he was facing.

And the court was supposed to ‘talk’ to the spirit and not to him in person.

Delight Mushore also refused to be called by his name preferring to be called Prophet Delight.

Mushore was taken to court on allegations of threatening to command a spirit to stop his client from defacing in future after he refused to leave his shrine.

He also allegedly threatened his client, Norman Bvirwa, with death if he insists of going against his word.

Mushore is charged with threats of future violence.

“I will not say anything since you have not been talking to me all along.

“I was taken to court as Prophet Delight not Delight Mushore, so get what you want from Prophet Delight.

“It was the spirit that had been talking all along, there is nothing I can say,” he told the court.

His actions left magistrate Batanai Madzingira with no option but remand him in custody to allow him to ‘make’ his mind before trial continuation.

Mushore then caused a stir when he started resisting to be escorted to the court’s holding cells by prison officers.

He held the dock tightly saying Prophet Delight was supposed to be taken in custody not Delight Mushore.

Allegations facing Mushore are that on November 18 at around midday Bvirwa approached the self-styled prophet at his shrine.

Bvirwa wanted assistance since his family was allegedly having problems with one of his relative-Samuel Chakuzira-who was denying completing his studies.

It said that Mushore told Bvirwa that Samuel had a spiritual call and was supposed to stop attending school.

Reports are that Bvirwa insisted that the prophet assist him with advice.

It appears as if that did not go down well with Mushore who then ordered him to leave his shrine saying Samuel’s problem was not new to the family.

And he had already advised them on what to do.

Bvirwa reportedly did not leave the shrine ending with Mushore telling him that he would command the spirit to act upon him so that he would not excrete.

Mushore also reportedly threatened Bvirwa with death if he goes against his word.

Acting out of fear, Bvirwa then approached the police complaining that Mushore had threatened him.

Isheanesu Mhiti is representing the State is the matter.

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