A1 farmer accused US $3000 from another farmer for pumping water in local dam

A1 farmer accused US $3000 from another farmer for pumping water in local dam


ZIMBABWE – An A1 farmer in Beatrice who accused of extorting US$3000 from another farmer in the same area for pumping water in a local dam using underground pipes passing through his farm has walked away a free man after he was freed of the charges.

Chitungwiza magistrate Lazarus Murendo dismisses the matter on the basis of lack of merit.

I was the State’s case that sometime in August, Clement Kwangwari allegedly approached Wonder Motsi, a farm manager at Manyowa Denenga’s farm.

He allegedly told Motsi to go and advise his boss that he (Denenga) should pay money for drawing water from Shrewsbury Dam next to his plot.

Kwangwari allegedly claimed that he wanted a fee from Denenga since his underground pipes were disturbing his agricultural activities.

It is further alleged in court that Kwangwari threatened to cut the water supply if Denenga failed to comply.

After getting the message, Denenga went to Kwangwari’s house with Motsi where a $5 000 demand for pumping water from the dam was made.

Denenga approached his neigbhour, Annah Musiiwa seeking advice pertaining the issue.

Musiiwa took Denenga to Kwangwari’s house for negotiations since the dam is communal property.

She also told Kwangwari that Denenga was the one who purchased an electricity transformer which was benefiting all of them.

After receiving continuous threats, Denenga settled for $3 000 and went on to pay $1 000 to Kwangwari on August 14.

Kwangwari allegedly kept on demanding money from Denenga pocketing another $2 000.

However, Kwangwari was arrested on September 18 after he called Motsi demanding more money.

Denenga had reported the matter to the police leading to a trap set up.

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