#AMHVoices:Biti, PDP heading for political dustbin

#AMHVoices:Biti, PDP heading for political dustbin

ZIMBABWE – In response to Biti should join Zanu PF: Tsvangirai: Indeed. People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Tendai Biti’s political approach resembles President Robert Mugabe’s in most elements in that they want to view MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the sanctions as the stumbling block, yet ignoring simple principles of economics that cannot be altered. 

It is unfortunate the two don’t proffer solutions to the woes the country faces, but are ever seeking scapegoats.

While many bemoan the decision to enter into the Government of National Unity (GNU) as having propped Zanu PF then, Biti believes the ruling party should be given yet another escape route.

Biti was more active in the formation of the GNU than any other MDC leader and what they call Tsvangirai’s failures can be traced to the GNU, which they were all a part of, and which he so yearns to revive.

I am now convinced that Biti manufactured the so-called Tsvangirai failures, so he finds some scapegoat to thumb down, while he ascends the ladder. He is completely confused.

The guy puts his emotions before reasoning.

His PDP project is doomed to fail. As I write cracks are now visible. Right now, his leadership is being questioned as some disgruntled party members are considering jumping ship.

Biti is a failed Zanu PF project. Even in Zanu PF they are disappointed by his failure to weaken MDC-T. The young man is highly schooled, but lacks wisdom.

His continuous attacks on the person of Tsvangirai show that he is singing from the same hymn book as Mugabe.

If he is sincere, why doesn’t he direct his attacks at Mugabe?

Biti should not be entertained by inviting him to the much-anticipated coalition of opposition parties. He is a creation of Zanu PF meant to poison the possibility of a grand coalition.

Biti and PDP are heading for the political dustbin, mark my words.

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