An unemployed hubby claims his wife denies him conjugal rights due to poverty


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ZIMBABWE – Besides being denied sex, he feels his wife intends to make him suffer by claiming money which he cannot afford.

This came to light at Harare civil court where Yvonne Kakono was claiming US$200 from Jeffreys Mandishona for the upkeep of their two minor children.

Yvonne also told the court that Jeffreys had abandoned her along with the children.

“I want Jeffreys to give me the money I am asking for because I want my children to go to school.

“He has been abandoning me along with the children and this forced me to make this maintenance application.

“My vending business is not doing well and the money I am getting is not enough for me and the children,” she said.

In response, Jeffreys said:

“My wife and I have been experiencing problems of late.

“We have been receiving counselling sessions and I am shocked she decided to claim for maintenance.

“She treats me like a worthless man and refuses to give me sex saying that I am poor.

“She knows that I am not employed so where do I get the money she is claiming from?

Jeffreys added:

“I am suspecting that she needs to boost her vending business with this money.

“I love my wife and I want us to start living together like husband and wife, she should stop denying me my conjugal rights and we should help each other with the children’s welfare.

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, ordered Jeffreys to pay US$50 per month.

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