Anointed pens prophet strikes again with another shocker: sells ‘anointed soil’

Anointed pens prophet strikes again with another shocker: sells ‘anointed soil’


ZIMBABWE – A local Prophet Sham Hungwe who grabbed headlines for selling anointed pens has pulled another shocker last Sunday when he sold anointed soil to congregants during a church service.

The prophet ordered the ushers to fill a small bucket with soil and prayed for it before ordering congregants to come and purchase it.

Prophet Sham told his followers that the soil can change their lives saying it has been anointed by the Most High.

“This soil has been anointed and it can change your lives. It can be used just as the anointed oil.

“It’s anointed, do you want to start businesses, build structures or even jobs?,” he said before people scrambled to the pulpit.

He was distributing the soil with his hands while the ushers receives money.

People paid amounts ranging from US$5 to US$25 though those who had as little as US$1 was also being given.

The ushers had to control people to come in a single as traffic to the pulpit increased.

Those who purchased the soil were advised to sprinkle it at their yards or other places.

The man of God claimed the soil can bring financial breakthrough and break other barriers in life.

Some of the prophets justifies to sell their anointed ‘items’ including oil, water and bandanas claiming they use money to have them in place.

Prophet Sham’s anointed soil issue, however, might raise more questions than answers since he just took the soil outside his church.

The church operates at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield.

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