Are we a nation of educated Idiots??


ZIMBABWE – Yes I agree Biti, Mafume, Ncube, Mutambara, Mugabe, Chinamasa, Jonah Moyo are all idiot educated fools who are selfish and greedy. They only think about power and filling their pockets.MDC T Canada

Yes we are nation that does not know who you are opposing when you are an opposition party. Listening to us you would think Morgan Tsvangirai was in the ruling party. Some form our own parties to oppose MDC – T and Morgan Tsvangirai, we are not a nation of educated idiots we are a sick nation. Tinotopenga. – Maclass Jowera Mapanga

Actually its a nation of idiotic gvt. Wasting a lot of money trying to decimate the MDC instead of reviving the shuttered economy. – Joel Mutasa

For sure…the likes of Biti, Ncube, Mutambara, Jonso, Sipepa.etc. are a living example of educated idiots. – Gain Sibanda

Museve is also a stubborn heifer who support Biti even he knows dat he z a successful failure, silly dove without sense. – Danweath Gwanya

Yes some of these educated think for their own benefits.They dont care about moving forward and other people. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

We are just a perculiar nation covered with stupidity, fake politicians and old I mean a well polished but rotten boat (goverNment)…. – Brian Chidzomba

Source: The Zimbabwean

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