Bedroom nightmare:Wives Demand Se_x Roster,Cheat on polygamous man


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ZIMBABWE – A polygamous Kuwadzana Extension man’s nightmarish bedroom ‘memoirs’ have been exposed by his sex starved wives.

Such is the ‘starvation’ that the wives are now demanding a clear ‘sex’ roster from their unemployed hubby.

The man, Matthew Mhike, 48, strongly disputes being a ‘failure’ in bedroom and he promises to summon his wives for an urgent no holds barred ‘conjugal’ rights meeting.

Mhike, a member of Johanne Marange Apostolic Church, is married to three wives – Espa Chibadu, 48, Mavis Nyakuenda, 28, and Tatenda Zoraunye, 26 – and still counting.

Two of his wives – Mavis and Tatenda – reside under one roof in Kuwadzana Extension while Espa stays in Murewa.

He, however, separated with two more wives – Eyeneck Banda and Miriam Chanuhwa – for allegedly cheating on him, by now he could have been married to five women.

All his wives concur that Mhike’s failure to satisfy them in bed could be the reason why the youngest wife Tatenda fled their matrimonial home after being twice caught with her married lover, Andrew Lemusi.

His second wife Mavis says being married to a polygamous man is not a bed of roses.

“In our cases, we now have serious problems because mainini Tatenda is now cheating on him and who knows the consequences.

“Her shenanigans mean there is something lacking from our husband because it’s not easy for a woman to decide to cheat.

“Of course we have a roster but at times feelings can take their toll on us. Takungozvigamuchira asi haisi nyore kushaiswa bonde paunenge uchirida. Sex must not be programmed as is the case in this scenario.

“In my case, I’m a bit confused now. Tichangoonawo zvatichaita. It’s not easy. I could have opened up more if we were talking face to person but it’s difficult operating with a specially designed programme.

Mhike’s first wife Espa says her husband resembles a stranger in her bedroom as he hardly gives her much attention.

“My husband is now a stranger and at times he simply puts up overnight and then leaves for Harare in the morning.

“Being a woman I also need a man but in my case baba vepano vakutoita kunge vasipo.

“However, I have managed to accept the reality because he seems to be concentrating on his wives in Harare who are exposed to so many friends who cannot be trusted,” says Espa.

She added: “I think the only solution to end these shenanigans is for him (Mhike) to send the wives back to the rural areas where we can monitor each other.

“I have advised him on that solution but his wives are bullying him and he has no control over them. I have also told him about the dangers of HIV and he always says ‘anobuda mumba kundotsvaga vamwe varume ndiye achabatwa nacho’ and that’s what he believes in.”

Mhike believes his wives’ craving for sex is extraordinary.

“I am a polygamous man and the only challenge I have with some of my wives is that they are cheating on me and I am yet to find a solution,” says Mhike.

“My youngest wife Tatenda Zoraunye is the one giving me nightmares and I wonder why she always cheats on me when I provide for her.

“I twice caught Tatenda with her married lover called Andrew Lemusi on the 12th and 20th of February this year.

“On the first occasion, I caught them red handed having quality time at Anglican Esco Pall church, which is still under construction in Kuwadzana Extension.

“On the second occasion, she was having quality time with Andrew at her friend’s lodgings in Kuwadzana Extension and I wonder if I am not good enough for her.”

Quizzed whether he was not depriving his wives of their conjugal rights or not, Mhike said:

“As for my two wives, I have a clear roster where I make sure each of my wives gets her special slot.

“I make sure I rotate bedrooms on daily basis and I think it’s enough for them. At times they deny me sex citing tiredness and I can’t force myself on them.

“My youngest wife was the most troublesome and I don’t know what I have done to deserve this treatment. She says ane shavi rekuda bonde.”

Asked whether he still loves his cheating wife, he said:

“Well, I am yet to meet her along with the parents. It’s a difficult question because I want to meet her and hear from the horse’s mouth.

“By the way, she is the mother of my children and I can’t just let her go, I want her back to so that we can iron out this issue.”

Mhike – a former trainee officer at Comprehensive Car Unit – says he still provides for his wives despite losing his job last year in October.

“Of course, I lost my job last year after that Supreme Court ruling but I can still sustain myself well because I have a number of assets.

“I deposited for a commuter omnibus from Japan; I have a truck and another same vehicle. I also have livestock in Murewa. Right now I have six beasts and there is plenty of milk.

“I’m also into poultry plus I am a pensioner who also collects money from rentals, which is enough to look after my wives.”

The unfortunate Mhike says this is the third time he has caught his wives cheating.

“Tatenda is the not the first wife to cheat on me by the way. I was once married to Eyeneck Banda and I divorced her for cheating on me. We have five children together.

“I also divorced Miriam Chanuhwa after I caught her cheating with a barber.

“What really worries me is that I am yet to reach my target of six or more wives. At our church, we should marry at least six women and by now I would have been married to five wives.

“I feel there is a spirit, which does not want me to marry six or more wives, but I will keep the faith until I marry six or more wives,” he says.

Responding to his wives’ complains, he explained:

“My brother I am no failure in the bedroom. As for my wife in the rural areas, I am partly to blame, I will fix it.

“As for my other wife in Harare who claims she is sex starved, I put the blame on her because she always brings friends in her room and we can’t have it (sex) in the presence of her friends.

“I love her and I will make sure she is satisfied, ndichanyatsomupa zvinhu zvake paanodira or else we will revise the roster.”

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