Being in prison is a blessing, says a prisoner Samson Ncube


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 ZIMBABWE – Being in prison is a blessing in disguise to him that he has managed to pursue his academics and attained good grades.

He has become a school head something which he would not envisage while in the dust streets of Kwekwe.

This is the case of Samson Ncube, 26, serving a 16 year prison term for robbery.

“I have been here for close to 10 years, serving 16 term having been slapped with 37 years before suspension,” he said.

“I thought my life was over. My two friends were sent to Chikurubi Maximum Prison and I came here. I was 16 by then,” he said.

Speaking about his arrest and jail, Ncube said at times it is God’s will for He knew the plans he has for one.

“Out there, this is a prison, jail, probably because of limited movement  but this is a school at which many people have been taught a lot,” he said.

Ncube was doing his Ordinary level when he was nabbed and when he came to Whawha he started the junior level up to Ordinary level and attained good grades.

“I was in form three when I came here, asi yaingova yezita and started ZJC. At O’ level I attained eight subjects including English and mathematics. I proceeded to Advanced level and managed to get five points in Economics and Management of Business. If I was outside I do not think I would have gone anywhere,” he said.

Ncube said his greatest wish right now is to have university education.

“My greatest wish right now is to pursue university education. I hope I will get the sponsorship that when I leave this place I will be someone in life,” he said.

“I t was very difficult when I first came in here but now it is more comforting. I have pursued my education.

“I believe God has his own way of doing things and now I dream of getting into university and purse economics. It’s unfortunate that we do not have a science lab here but my heart is also there but now I can do commercial subjects,” he said.

Ncube is now the headmaster of the prison school, also teaching other inmates with supervision of prison wardens.

“I started as a teacher in 2011, teaching science subjects and because of my grades and performance I was elevated to the head position. I also assist advanced level students in business studies,” he said.

He says he has not received resistance from other inmates during the learning process.

Ncube believes prison is like boarding school and said his family also visits him in prison to check on him.

“This is like boarding school where we are taught a lot of things. Just like boarding school, visits are made and my family visits me here and there. We wear uniforms here just like at school, maybe the difference is names,” he said.

A devout Christian he has turned, Ncube believes God is the key in everything.

“I was not a church person before but in here I learnt that God is the key to everything. Even at school, ndaitotiza church nekumba chaiko ndaisaenda,” he said.

Besides education, Ncube has ventured into singing, pursuing Zimdancehall and according to him, he has a number of unrecorded songs.

The HKD Boss, Freeman inspired artiste said he is even competitive to the likes of other artistes out there.

“I’m into Zimdancehall and I have a number of songs that I wrote. Doctor is my inspiration, I like his style of doing things. We follow the trends, dzirikunetsa dzaana Killer T tinotodzinzwawo,” he said.

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