Bev Assaulted at a Service in Pastor`s House


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Beverly Sibanda has threatened to go back to the dance floor after she was assaulted by a security guard at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries’ leader Walter Magaya’s residence in Malborough, Standardlife & style can reveal.


The former raunchy dancer is understood to have been involved in an altercation with another girl over alleged favouritism by the prophet resulting in a fight.

A bouncer is said to have initially restrained them and led them out of the premises where he allegedly assaulted Bev who suffered an injury on the left eye.

Contacted for comment, Bev confirmed she and the other girl whom she claims she doesn’t know, were assaulted by the bouncer for making noise.

She said the girl accused her of being in a relationship with the prophet and complained that she had been waiting for the prophet all day yet Bev was granted permission to see him just as she arrived because she had an appointment.

Bev said the bouncer then intervened and assaulted both of them.

“He said we were making noise and it appears he seized an opportunity to execute a conceived plan,” said Bev.

“I am failing to worship now because of people who are busy looking for money from the prophet instead of looking for salvation.

“Every day I hear of people calling me names and I am contemplating going back to dance because I feel it is better to be hated by a heathen than a Christian.”

The former Sexy Angels leader said she had not reported the case to the police for fear of tarnishing the prophet’s name.

“If I had reported the case, he (the guard) would have been arrested since he is the same person accused in the Marondera case and my fear is it would tarnish the prophet’s name,” she said.

Oscar Pambuka, spokesperson for PHD, said Bev’s injury was due to an unintended blow by the security guard.

“They exchanged harsh words at the prophet’s residence and as the guard was restraining them, he mistakenly injured Bev,” said Pambuka.

“Even Bev herself concedes they behaved in the wrong manner and she even says she understands evil spirits are busy fighting her repentance.

“When I spoke to her she was apologetic and said that she knew the devil was not happy with the changes that she is going through.”

This is not the first time that Magaya’s security personnel have been in the limelight for the wrong reasons after they were embroiled in another assault case in Marondera.

In the Marondera case, Walter Mafuta, a 34-year-old man, was reportedly assaulted by bouncers for allegedly obstructing Magaya’s motorcade.
The case is due in court this week.

On Friday however, Magaya disowned the security details and said he did not need any protection from bouncers. He said he also did not have a motorcade as reported in the media.

“I do not have any bouncers. I only move around with two gentlemen who are in fact ushers and not bouncers,” said Magaya.

“I travel around in my Nissan Murano and sometimes with another Toyota Chaser, making them only two cars at most.

“Whoever is beating up people is zealous and wants to appear as though they are protecting me when I am the one protecting them with my anointing.”

Magaya said he only heard about what happened to Bev as he was busy the whole day with 180 international guests that were at his residence.

“I was so busy on the day. I also had people from Gunners Football Club who only left well after midnight,” said Magaya.

“What people need to realise is that Bev and these girls are still new to this way of life. My job as a prophet is to make sure they are delivered but it is their choice afterwards to maintain the deliverance.”ZmStandard

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