Biti apologises to Zimbabweans for sleeping on duty

Biti apologises to Zimbabweans for sleeping on duty


ZIMBABWE – Opposition People’s Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti, has issued an apology to Zimbabweans for failing to push electoral reforms during the last coalition government.

Biti was finance minister in the unity administration between the MDC parties and President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

Opposition parties have refused to participate in elections until reforms are implemented to make the contests fairer.

Zanu PF has insisted that no reforms are needed.

Speaking in Gweru Sunday, Biti, said the opposition squandered its best chance during the coalition government.

When we got into government, some of us fell asleep in parliament, Biti told a provincial meeting of his party.

We slept on the boat and, for that, we must apologise to the people of Zimbabwe.”

Biti quit the MDC-T after the electoral defeat of 2013 to form his own party.

The former treasury chief said the PDP has come up with economic blueprints that would resuscitate the country’s struggling economy.

Not even one party can criticise our blueprints (HOPE and ARREST) because they know they (blueprints) are perfect,” he said.

We did not form this movement (PDP) to accompany others, but to have the last dance at the wedding.”

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