Byo water situation to improve

Byo water situation to improve

BULAWAYO – The Bulawayo City Council has assured residents that water shedding is going to improve, with running water expected on Saturday for both western and eastern surburbs.

A disruption to the normal water shedding schedule had been as a result of a power surge at Fernhill Booster Station.

Nketa residents queueing for water after going for more than 6 days without running water

This was confirmed in a statement issued by BCC Town Clerk, Christopher Dube.

“The first areas to get water on supply from Saturday 5pm to 7am will be Nkulumane and Nketa,” said Dube.

The supply is scheduled because although the system has been restored, there is still need to allow reservoir levels to first build up and stabilise.

“Following the power surge at Fernhill Booster Station that afftected clear water and raw water delivery to Tuli Reservoir and Criterion Water Works which subsequently afftected the city’s Water Supply System, the City would like to advise that the electrical fault has been fixed and the water pumps have been repaired amd are running for both Fernhill and Criterion,” said the City’s Town Clerk.

Residents welcome this development as they have been facing erratic water supplies with some going for more than a week with no supply.

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