Callous stepmom jailed

Callous stepmom jailed


ZIMBABWE – A Harare woman who assaulted her three year old step daughter fracturing her skull, a rib, hand and leg, has been jailed for two years.

Thanks Musvita (20), of Domboramwari in Epworth, pleaded guilty to charges of ill-treatment or neglect of children.

Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Rusinahama said the offence attracted a five year jail term but reduced the punishment.

“Considering the severity of the offence, I will not suspend the sentence,” he said.

Prosecutor Mr Francesca Mukumbiri told the court that on December 12 last year, the toddler Shelleen Mutize was taken to Harare Central Hospital. Musvita had lied to her husband, Wonder Mutize, that the child fell unconscious after being choked by a banana.

She also claimed the child had earlier fallen from her bed while sleeping. A medical doctor who examined the child discovered multiple fractures.

The doctor also discovered marks on her body which he suspected were consistent with ill-treatment.

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