Case deferred to next hearing

Case deferred to next hearing


ZIMBABWE – The case of a Chitungwiza man who is facing assault charges for allegedly assaulting his sister’s husband after he was told by his sister that he was not coming home was deferred to January 13.

Cuthbert Kumene pleaded not guilty for allegedly assaulting his brother in-law Panganai Chatinyara because of a misunderstanding he had with his sister

During the trial hearing of the matter on Friday, Chitungwiza magistrate Tafadzwa Miti instructed both parties to bring in witnesses who will assist the court with evidence.

It is the State’s case that on December 28 at around 9pm, Cuthbert Kumene was at Panganai Chatinyara’s place of residence with Panganai’s wife Esther Kumene who happens to be his sister.

When Panganai arrived at the house, Cuthbert questioned him why he had spent three days without coming back home.

Panganai then informed Cuthbert that the challenges he was having with his wife were between the two of them and he was not prepared to explain anything to him.

This did not go down well with Cuthbert who then started assaulting Panganai using his hands.

The following day, Panganai went to the police and lodged a complaint against Cuthbert.

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