Cheer leaders hail Fairst lady

Cheer leaders hail Fairst lady


ZIMBABWE – The private media should shun castigating Dr Grace Mugabe’s Meet-the-People rallies as she is playing her rightful role as the mother of the nation, Tehillar Christian Network founder Reverend Sam Malunga has said.

Rev Malunga, in a statement supported by Pastor Regina Gata and Prophetess Nomsa of the United Kingdom of God Church, said such utterances were being exhibited by the private media which wanted to please the country’s detractors.

He called on churches to expose and dismiss the reports with the contempt they deserved.

“TCN Religious Institutions and Faith-based organisations across the religious divide applaud, commend, as well as welcome Dr Grace Mugabe’s visits nationwide as the mother of the nation to fulfill her God-given calling along side the Head of State President Mugabe,” he said

“Anti-government media practitioners should shun castigating Amai Mugabe’s entourage nationwide. Such media are on rampant expeditions to please national detractors by reporting negatively against Government, the First Lady and the Head of State.”

Rev Malunga said Amai Mugabe was a role model as witnessed by the compassion she has in caring for the under privileged.

He said women cross the political divide should emulate and complement her vision in working hard to build the nation.

“Dr Grace Mugabe is a role model and pace-setter to the women of Zimbabwe and should be emulated for calling on the nation not to look to the West for aid, but be able to realise God’s blessing in our nation by working hard to build it,” he said.

Amai Mugabe has been connecting with the people during her tours which has seen her visit nine provinces and is left with Bulawayo.

Since she took over as the secretary for Zanu-PF Women’s Affairs, the private media has been on a deliberate onslaught to portray the First Lady negatively.

Such media has also been seeking to de-legitimise her role in national politics.

During her tours, Amai Mugabe has been criticising party officials accused of rekindling factionalism and attempting to create their own centres of power.

The First Lady has been emphasising that members should expend their energies on delivering on the mandate bestowed on them by the electorate in the 2013 harmonised elections overwhelmingly won by Zanu-PF.

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