Chinese ivestment in Zimbabwe

Chinese ivestment in Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE – In regard to the $1.6B  President Xi agreed to invest in Zimbabwe, a  local business leader said, “China is a cunning investor and they are all interested in resource extraction in Africa. They are risk takers and are very focused on getting more out of their investment deals,”

He is dammed right. However, he and Zimbabweans should aware of the following points:

(1)          The yuan does not grow on trees. Every one carries the blood and sweat of Chinese labour.

(2)          My country is NOT a non-profit charitable organization. For every yuan we invest,  we expect reasonable profit. In doing so, we can invest in the next foreign country. A win-win-win situation.

(3)          My country’s only obligation, if there is any, is to ensure that the deal is not overly disadvantageous to the host country. The more unstable the host country is, the higher the profit we expect, just like investing in the stock market. Risky stock gives you a better return, but  you can also lose your shirt. There is no free lunch.

(4)          The host country should study the deal before it signs it. We would not make them drunk and force a pen into its hand, like most deals between Red Indians and American. Nor would we put a gun to its head, like the British did to the Africans.

(5)          The host country is free to decide, for example, to keep its mineral resources in the ground and remains poor. Or, it let the Chinese dig them up in return for infrastructure, e.g. roads, power generation/distribution, hospital, clean water or whatever it wants to build. Whether the host country can prosper by proper use of the infrastructure  afterwards is beyond our control.

If anyone,  who does not like the above,  should appeal  to the US or to your former master, Britain for similar investment.

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