Chipanga Hails Tsvangirai, Mujuru Coalition

Chipanga Hails Tsvangirai, Mujuru Coalition


ZIMBABWE – Outspoken and gifted sungura musician Hosiah Chipanga said the impending coalition between MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru was an anointing from God and said he was willing to join the two in fighting President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

In an interview with The Standard Style on Friday, Chipanga, who is also Messiah Apostolic Prophetically Inspired People’s Institution (Mapipi) apostolic sect leader, said he had spiritual ideas that would help Zimbabwe get out of the economic mess.

“The situation right now needs God’s intervention. When it comes to matters of the nation, l respond through God’s point of view which is spiritual. The joining hands of Tsvangirai and Amai Mujuru will open doors for divine assistance from God,” said Chipanga.

The controversial but talented song composer said this time around God will change the political goal posts in his favour if he joins Mujuru and Tsvangirai.

“When political parties or churches unite, God is among them. I am sure God will change the goal posts in our favour. If they [Mujuru and Tsvangirai] refuse to unite then you must help me find out the requirements for someone to contest as an independent presidential candidate in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Chipanga said Zimbabwe was a great country full of potential but it was lacking God’s hand, hence he believes he has the spiritual touch to change things in the country.

“In the event that the children of Zimbabwe have refused to unite for the betterment of their life, I would, if possible, contest to have the chance to knock in some Godly ideas into our leaders’ brains,” he said.

The Kwachu-Kwachu hitmaker said for the umpteenth time, he tried to have a word with Mugabe last month but was blocked by George Charamba who is Mugabe’s spokesperson.

“Last month I tried to meet the President through his spokesperson Charamba but to no avail,” he said.

“He thinks I am on drugs when I tell him I want to see the President.

“He should give me the chance, even if he thinks I am a madman, rather than take me as a joke,” added the sungura musician.

Chipanga claimed that he also contributed towards the liberation of this country, but, said it was sad that the aim of the liberation struggle was now being misinterpreted.

“I was jailed in 1979 in Mozambique. During the liberation struggle I worked with James Dambudzo Chikerema. I wrote a book that had ideas on how to run Zimbabwe. Chikerema unfortunately died when he had my book,” claimed Chipanga.

“It was not only the blacks alone who fought and helped in the war of the liberation of this country. Many whites also assisted in one way or the other, if this can be remembered. The wish of our liberators was to see both black and white people live together as a people,” he said.

“You can still hear [Joshua] Nkomo, [Josiah] Tongogara, [Hebert] Chitepo, [Solomon] Mujuru and many other liberators saying this in some tapes. The idea was never to chase whites out of the country,” Chipanga said.

He said the recent firing of workers was one of the devil’s famous lies.

“The firing of workers only aids poverty in the nation while sparing the rich men’s purse from growing downwards. The rich prefer to see the poor starving to death than to see their money stop growing upwards. We are in a world where money must survive ahead of men. So companies close to save money and not remain open to save the people.

“Retrenching workers only makes them parasites to the same economy they used to contribute to, therefore making the economy poorer,” he explained.

“Some of the laws that are being used on our people now are even worse than those used by the Rhodesians. That is why at one time I have tried to contest in elections in order to get Mugabe’s attention.

“Even my lyrics are designed to get his attention, but all has been in vain,” lamented Chipanga.

He said the prepaid water meters were a suffocation of the poor by the rich.

“It is the love of money ahead of a life. Water is life, you must first have life [water] to then seek money, but now the opposite is happening. You must have money first to get life [water]. It is a shame. This is not only cruelty, but totally against the natural human rights. Our country is poor but the leaders are busy copying and implementing the rich men’s policies,” he added.

Chipanga said he foresees a brighter future for the country, if the current system of governance completely overhauled.

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