City man denied his uncle in court claiming that in their culture they are allowed to intermarry


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ZIMBABWE – Aaron Chinhungwe who appeared in court for assaulting his uncle Lazarus Nyakunhuwa told the court that Nyakunhuwa was faking a relationship.

“Your honour I am not related to this man, he is just someone who comes from the same rural area as l and we grew up together, ndezvekubatanhidza but there is no relationship,” he said

When the magistrate asked him why Nyakunhuwa had told the court that he was his niece, Chunhungwe said:

“I do not regard him as my sekuru he is trying to make the charges against me more serious” said.

However Nyakunhuwa maintains that they are related and that Chinhungwe’s uncle married his sister and that in their culture was a strong tie.

The magistrate then pointed out that Chinhungwe had committed domestic violence upon his uncle.

He pleaded guilty to physical abuse charges and was ordered to pay US$100 fine or spend 30 days in prison.

He was also given a suspended two months in prison.

Circumstances leading to Chinhungwe’s appearance in court are that on Januar4y three Nyakunhuwa met his nephew in Glen View and asked him to pay back the money that he owed him since he had promised to pay after two days.

Chinhungwe refused to pay and told him that he had no money to waste this month since he is saving for his children’s fees.

This did not go down well with Nyakunhuwa and a heated argument ensured between them.

At the height of the argument Chinhungwe slapped Nyakunhuwa twice on the face.

Luckily, he did not sustain any injuries.

He then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Chinhungwe’s arrest.

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